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Defending People Accused of Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence accusations can land you in jail, remove you from your home and turn the tide in family law cases. In the worst cases, they can ruin your life. And sometimes, these accusations are unfounded or just outright false.

At the MacDonald Law Office, LLC, we understand that domestic violence claims must be treated with great sensitivity. Your marriage, your family, your reputation, and your freedom may be at stake, and we take all of these things very seriously.

As former prosecutors, we know the system. Contact us at our offices in Salisbury and Ocean City for a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Fighting Serious Consequences

The legal system takes allegations of domestic violence very seriously, in part because violence inside the home can be particularly devastating and hard to detect from outside.

But these serious considerations do not mean that every accusation is true. People accused of domestic violence deserve a vigorous defense with the help of an attorney.

Our firm defends clients against all types of allegations, including:

  • Spousal or partner abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Elder abuse

Accusations of domestic violence can lead not only to criminal charges but also to other serious consequences. The courts can order domestic protective orders and peace orders to prevent you from entering or approaching your own home, and social services may try to keep you away from your children.

If any action is taken against you for alleged domestic violence or abuse, your name could go into a central database. We help clients defend themselves against — and, if necessary, appeal — the negative consequences of domestic violence accusations.

Telling Your Side of the Story

Domestic violence accusations often arise in the context of situations like divorce, property disputes, child custody disputes, and other family law matters. Often, the accuser has a clear motivation for making the accusation. We are experienced at sorting out these issues.

Many accusations also arise out of situations where two or more people were actively participating in an argument that got out of hand. In these cases, self-defense may be a valid defense against any criminal charges.

What Defines Sexual Assault?

All sex-related criminal charges have very specific criteria that must be met in order for a person to face that specific criminal charge. Sexual assault isn't an exception to that point. If you are charged with sexual assault, you must make sure that you understand the specific points that pertain to this particular criminal charge.

A couple of elements of sexual assault:

  • One of the elements that must be present when you are charged with sexual assault is that the alleged victim must not have consented to the activity. This is often a big point in a criminal case because it often turns into a "he-said-she-said" matter. If there is any proof that you did have the other person's consent, this can be presented at trial as a way to discredit the prosecution's case.
  • Another element in these cases is that the assault must have been sexual in nature. This is another issue that can become an area of contention since there are some forms of contact that might be considered sexual to some but not to others. For example, a touch on the shoulder isn't likely going to be considered a sexual act to many, but some people might feel that it is sexual. If the touch on the shoulder is more of a massage, that is more likely to be considered sexual in nature.

It is crucial that you work on understanding all of the laws that apply to Maryland sexual assault cases. Many points of the law might apply to your case, but some might not. Knowing these points can help you to plan your defense.

Defending People against Charges of Sexual Assault

Andrew M. MacDonald spent 10 years as an assistant state's attorney for Wicomico County, Maryland. During that time, he prosecuted defendants for a wide variety of sex crimes. He has comprehensive knowledge of the criminal justice system and what the state has to prove to convict you. At the MacDonald Law Office, LLC, we know how to defend you against these charges.

We represent clients facing accusations of sex crimes, including:

  • Physical and sexual child abuse
  • Rape
  • Indecent exposure
  • Prostitution
  • Child pornography
  • Chat room offenses
  • Attempted criminal sexual conduct

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