Plan Your Defense Carefully When You Are Facing Theft Charges

Facing theft charges can affect almost every aspect of your life. In some cases, finding employment will be difficult with a theft arrest or conviction on your criminal record. You might face time on probation, incarceration, fines, or other penalties if you are convicted. The severity of the penalties you face depends on the value of the items that were involved in the alleged theft.

We know that you don't want to deal with serious penalties. In our post last week, we discussed how a woman was able to get a plea deal for her theft case. If you recall, the deal allowed her to stay out of jail, but it included a suspended sentence.

We can't promise that every case will be resolved like that woman's. We can promise you that we will fight to keep your rights protected as your case moves through the court system. We can work on your behalf from the first step until the last. As we go through the process with you, we can help you to understand your defense options. Once you have a good understanding of your options, you can make informed decisions.

It is important to understand that you should start working on your defense as soon as possible. This gives you time to go through evidence and look at all the possibilities without having to rush. Even if you have put off working on your defense, we can still help you to decide on a defense strategy for your theft charges. All you have to do istake the first step and let us know you are ready to get the process started.

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