3 Common Juvenile Crimes

It is normal for teens to be moody and misbehave sometimes, but committing crimes is a different story. Sometimes, young people commit crimes due to peer pressure, social isolation or mental illness. Whatever the case is, it is troubling as a parent to find out your child is partaking in criminal activity.

While teen offenders tend to receive less harsh penalties than adults, it may still seriously impact their lives. If your teen commits a crime, he or she may have difficulties in pursuing a career, education or relationships. One way to deter your kid from these situations is understanding the most common crimes that young people commit. 

1. Stealing

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention shows that larceny is one of the most common juvenile crimes. This may include swiping a wallet out of a pocket or shoplifting from a store. Usually, this is only petty theft of items that do not have a substantial value. However, it is still a serious issue that may have real consequences.

2. Vandalism

Teens may intentionally destroy property because of the thrill or the belief they can get away with anything. This may take the form of spraying graffiti, keying cars or breaking windows. Destruction of property may result in penalties such as restitution, fines or detention.

3. Alcohol crimes

Drinking alcohol is prevalent among teens, mostly because they see it as a cool thing to do and get away with. Some take alcohol from their parents, drink at a party or use fake IDs to purchase it. Some teens even drive after consuming alcohol. 

Preventing these behaviors and addressing issues once they occur will help your teen from committing worse crimes in the future. If your teen is getting in trouble with the law, it is also crucial for you to get proper legal representation from a criminal defense attorney for your kid.

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