Prince George's County Drops a Footballer Players DUI Charges

Prosecutors in Prince George's County, Maryland dismissed charges against a star University of West Virginia wide receiver on August 30. He'd been previously been in arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence back in May. The 19-year-old is still slated to stand trial in Morgantown, West Virginia, for a second DUI in August.

Among the most serious counts the football player faced in Maryland were drug-related impaired and reckless driving charges.

The college sophomore was prohibited from playing in the Mountaineers' first game of the season against its rival Virginia Tech by his coaches. They noted that he'd failed to tell them about his first arrest. They also were reportedly unhappy about him admitting to smoking marijuana during the second incident.

Had prosecutors in Maryland not dropped the earlier DUI charges filed against him, his arrest in August would have qualified as his second in just one year. In West Virginia, that offense could result in either home confinement or time in jail.

The university also typically punishes student athletes who commit crimes. The player would have been much more harshly penalized for having two DUI offenses on his record.

As things stand, the Maryland native's next court date in the West Virginia case will take place in mid-October. So far, the player's attorneys have stated that the student was reportedly unaware of his license having been revoked after his first arrest in Prince George's County.

In the case of the most recent DUI arrest in West Virginia, the defendant reportedly was successful in passing the horizontal gaze eye-tracking test when police asked him to complete it. He, however, was unsuccessful in maintaining his balance when standing on just one leg. He apparently was not asked to submit to a blood test.

Aside from resulting in a suspension of your driver's license, a conviction for drunk driving can have long term implications for your life. You may find it difficult to retain or land a job, something that can make it difficult to support yourself. A Maryland DUI attorney can give you a better idea as to potential fines or sentences you're may face if convicted of this type of offense.

Source: MetroNews, "Maryland prosecutor dismisses first DUI charge against Simms," Allan Taylor, Aug. 30, 2017

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