Maryland Justice Reinvestment Act

Under Maryland's new Justice Reinvestment Act, effective October 1, 2017, if you are serving a minimum mandatory prison sentence without parole for a felony drug crime in Maryland, then you are eligible to file a motion for modification of sentence asking the court to reduce your prison sentence and remove the no parole provision. The motion to modify must be filed before September 30, 2018. Only one motion can be filed so it is important to get it right the first time with the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

The MacDonald Law Office, LLC, can file a motion for modification of sentence for you under the Maryland Justice Reinvestment Act and appear in court with you for the mandatory hearing on the motion. There are several factors the court must consider before reducing a sentence under the new law including: the nature of the crime, the history and character of the defendant, the defendant's chances of successful rehabilitation, injustice to the defendant and the protection of the public. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to persuade the court that you are a good candidate to have your sentence reduced under the Justice Reinvestment Act. Contact the MacDonald Law Office, LLC, today to discuss this unusual and extraordinary opportunity to reduce your minimum mandatory sentence for a drug crime in Maryland starting October 1, 2017.

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