Penalties for Maryland’s Repeat DUI Offenders

If law enforcement officials pull you over and you are subsequently convicted of drinking and driving in Maryland, you can expect some considerable penalties. As you might assume, these penalties tend to increase in terms of severity if you have committed the same offense before, so it is important that you understand the state’s penalties for repeat offenders who drive under the influence.

In Maryland, the term “repeat offender” refers to you if a court or judge convicts you of driving under the influence more than once within the same five-year period. Should you become a repeat offender, you can expect the following penalties.

To lose your license for a year

Maryland residents who drink and drive again within five years of an earlier conviction will lose their driving privileges for at least a year. After the state reinstates your driver’s license, you will have to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle at your own expense, and you will also have to secure a restricted license for the following year, and this is also at your own expense.

The installation of an ignition interlock device

As a repeat DUI offender in Maryland, your new ignition interlock device, which assesses your degree of impairment before it allows you to start your car, must remain on your car and any other vehicles you co-own for at least a year. You also must furnish proof that you secured and installed the device on your vehicle when you apply for the restricted license required of repeat offenders.

If you are unable to pay the fees associated with installing the ignition interlock device, the device’s service provider may, at your urging, evaluate your situation to determine your ability to pay. You can expect that the provider will consider matters such as whether you receive public assistance in determining whether you truly suffer from financial hardship. If the provider agrees, you must then take part in a hearing in front of the Office of Administrative Hearings to determine whether you still must install the device on your vehicle.  

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