Piece Together a Defense Based on Evidence

In the previous blog post, we discussed how you have to think about various aspects of sentencing as you build your defense. Ultimately, most defendants want to keep any penalties they will fact a minimum. This requires a two-prong approach to your defense. You have to think about what you are going to present during trial. You also have to think about how you can show different factors that could keep your sentence to a minimum.

We know that thinking of having to build a case and find out how everything is going to impact sentencing if you are convicted can be complicated. We are here to help you learn all about these points so that you can make decisions about how we are going to handle different aspects of your case.

No matter what type of criminal charges you are facing, you should be aware of the statutes that are being used in your case. Learning these could help you to learn the best and worst possible options that could occur at sentencing. That information could fuel you while working to build your defense.

One option that we might have is to find character witnesses who can speak on your behalf at sentencing. This can sometimes help to sway the sentence that you will face, especially if you have strong character witnesses who can show that your actions when you committed the crime weren't typical for you.

Because many criminal cases involve evidence that is complex and circumstances that might be complicated, you should work on planning out your defense early. This leaves us time to work through any obstacles that we might come across.

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