Know Your Options for Assault and Battery Defenses

Facing assault and battery charges is something that can affect your future. These charges are often considered violent, and they can prevent you from being able to hold certain jobs or live in certain places. If you are facing assault and battery charges, you should check into the possible defense strategies that you might employ for your defense.

One option that applies to some cases is to claim self-defense. This isn't appropriate in all cases, but it might be if the actions in question were done only because you felt in serious fear for your life. There are several points that must be present if you are going to claim self-defense. One of these is that you attacked at every moment that you felt threatened. You can't leave the scene, come back to attack and them claim self-defense.

Another option might be to claim that you had consent to do the action that is at the heart of the case. This is something that is often used in sexual assault cases. If you do claim that you had consent, you will likely need to show that you didn't go beyond the scope of the consent that was provided.

Another option to consider is that you were defending others or property. This could be the case if you hit someone who was trying to steal your wallet or if you clobbered someone who was attempting to rape a victim.

No matter what the circumstances in your case, you need to ensure that your defense addresses the important points. This can sometimes be difficult to do, so you should make sure that you are aware of each point that should be addressed and your options for addressing them.

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