Drunk Driving Research Shows Important Points

Drunk driving is something that is the subject of a lot of research. This is because organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving have funneled a lot of time and money into keeping up with statistics and fighting against drunk driving. All of the research means that public awareness of the issue is considerable. That knowledge leads many people to understand that drinking and driving isn't a good choice.

Almost any information you need about drinking and driving has been developed by all of this research. The effects that alcohol has on a person's abilities are all documented. These include a slower reaction time than what they would have if they weren't intoxicated. It can also include other effects that can make driving after drinking difficult.

Breath analysis tests are commonly used in drunk driving cases. Even this technology isn't immune from research. The research available shows that more accurate testing is possible, which brings the accuracy of current tests into question. That possible inaccuracy can be used in drunk driving cases.

Other organizations like the Foundation for Alcohol Research work to find out information about how addiction impacts people. That includes looking into factors that can make a person vulnerable to alcohol dependency. Underage drinking is another area in which research is plentiful. Zero tolerance policies have resulted from much of this research.

While the research might not help to prevent drunk driving incidents from occurring, it does provide an important glimpse into ways that the court system might be able to help prevent drunk drivers from repeating the same mistake that got them into trouble with the law.

Source: DUI Foundation, "Driving Under the Influence Research," accessed May 03, 2016

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