Witness Accounts Can Vary in Violent Crime Cases

People who are facing violent crime charges are often faced with a case that hinges on witness accounts of what happened. Interestingly, witness accounts can vary greatly in these cases. That can present a challenge for the defense team, as well as the prosecution. We know that you might be concerned about your defense in a case like this. We can help you to learn about the options that you have to address the claims that the prosecutor is making.

Oftentimes, violent crime charges, such as rape, sexual assault, gun crimes or murder, include a mixture of evidence and witness accounts. One defense strategy that we might be able to employ is to use the witness accounts and evidence against each other. That is, we could use the evidence to highlight inconsistencies in the witness accounts. In some cases, witness accounts might be used to call evidence into question.

It is imperative that we carefully scrutinize every point in the prosecution's case against you. Doing so is the only way that we will know what points must be addressed. As we find points to address, we can look into the different ways to address them and develop a plan of action.

Every criminal case has certain challenges. By identifying the challenges in your case as early in the case as possible, we have the most time possible to come up with a way to handle the challenge. This is why we need to start working on your case as soon as you know that you are going to face criminal charges.

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