Man Returns from Overseas to Discover He Has Active Warrants Here

Criminal cases are sometimes very interesting. One point that some people might not realize when it comes to criminal charges is that arrest warrants aren't likely going to just disappear. One recent case that involves retired Baptist minister, former congressional delegate and civil rights activist Walter Fauntroy shows just how true this is.

Fauntroy has been living in the United Arab Emirates for the past four years. He made that move in 2012 after there was a bench warrant in Prince George County issued for him. The bench warrant has to do with a hot check case that has to do with a 2009 inaugural ball that he organized when President Barack Obama was elected president.

A check that he wrote for $55,000 was said to have been unable to be cashed. It is noted that his attorney says that the man has paid some of that money back.

Fast forward to this year when Fauntroy was arrested when he returned from the UAE to the United States. The warrant that was issued for him four years ago was still on file and still valid when he returned to the country. He thought the issue was taken care of, but it wasn't.

Since his arrest, Fauntroy has been released from custody. A judge recalled the warrant for him and has scheduled a hearing in the case.

That is an important lesson for anyone who thinks there might be a warrant out for his or her arrest or who thinks a warrant might be cleared up -- it is always a good idea to find out for sure what is going on with the warrant. If you do have a warrant, finding out your options for dealing with the warrant should be a priority.

Source: WJLA, "Civil rights leader, former D.C. delegate arrested and in court," Ben Nuckols, June 28, 2016

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