State's Attorney Pushing for Changes in Criminal Justice System

The role that prosecutors play in the criminal justice system is a very large one. When the prosecutors try to take a very harsh stance on crime, they often look past the people who they are accusing of crimes and think only about how badly they want a conviction in the case. When the prosecutors take an interest in the community, positive changes can often occur.

Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby has said that her goal is to develop stronger ties with the community. Her plans to do so include putting a diversionary program into place that would help out non-violent drug offenders so that they can get jobs. It also includes creating a youth program.

In her first year in office, around 60 people used the programs she established. She says that a person who turns one's life around can't really be measured by quantitative evidence.

While she is working on those programs, she is also taking a hard stance on some crimes. She says that there is a 78 percent conviction rate for homicides. She also says that she will push for increased penalties for serial sex offenders, second-degree murders, and drunk driving homicides.

All in all, Mosby says that creating opportunities, improving education, and creating jobs are all issues that need to be addressed. She notes that the old failed policies that are in place just aren't working.

It will be interesting to follow Mosby to see what changes she can implement. If you are facing criminal charges, keeping on top of these developments might be beneficial so you can learn if any of them pertain to your case.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, "Marilyn Mosby seeks to address crime, larger issues," Justin Fenton, Jan. 05, 2016

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