Convictions for Violent Crimes Can Have Harsh Penalties

When you are charged with a violent crime, you likely start to think about how the charges can affect you. While the criminal justice system presumes that you are innocent until you are actually found guilty in court, the social system doesn't follow that rule. The social system will usually presume that you are guilty until you prove your innocence. We know that you are probably looking to clear your name from the charges.

We understand that you might have acted in the heat of the moment when you did the act that led to your charges. If that describes your case, we can help you to determine what options you have for a defense. Even if you didn't commit the act or even if you did, we can still help you to determine what defense option is suitable for your case.

One of the main concerns of people who are facing violent crimes is being able to stay out of prison. We know that any prison sentence is unpleasant. If your case is leaning toward a prison sentence, we will do our best to keep your penalties to a minimum. In some cases, this might mean that we work on a plea deal for you.

It is crucial that you are on-board with the defense that is used in your case. We work with you to find out what you want to do each time a choice comes up. We don't leave you in the dark and we don't try to railroad your case just to get it over with.

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