Traffic Violations: Outcomes More Ominous Than Many People Expect

When many people think about alleged acts of wrongdoing that potentially entail sobering criminal law consequences like heavy fines and jail time, they are likely focused upon "traditional" criminal behavior.

That understandably encompasses offenses like drug charges, sex crimes, violent behavior and unlawful white-collar activity.

Most Maryland residents might understandably fail to elevate traffic-related offenses to the same level of gravity and concern. After all, how serious can a speeding ticket be?

Short answer: very serious, indeed.

Some state motorists unfortunately know quite well already that, while a single driving infraction often yields results that are unpleasant though not stingingly adverse, the same cannot be said when charges pile up or a particular citation pertains to a matter that authorities construe most seriously.

And that can apply to many things, such as the following:

  • Excessive speeding, or multiple speeding tickets
  • Driving without a license and/or insurance
  • Operating a vehicle with a revoked license
  • Leaving an accident site

The bottom line regarding many motoring violations is that they carry lasting and painful consequences. Insurance premiums can spike. Punitive fines can be assessed. Driving privileges can be curtailed or even revoked. And, yes, incarceration is a possibility.

The attorneys at the MacDonald Law Office, LLC, in Salisbury, know well the potential downsides linked with traffic citations.

And they know equally well how to provide knowledgeable and aggressive client representation that is focused on best-case results and the fullest mitigation of penalties possible in every matter.

Our attorneys collectively command many decades of on-point criminal defense experience. And both are former prosecutors, which materially informs the staunch advocacy they bring on behalf of Maryland motorists who need their legal help.

We welcome readers' scrutiny of our website and the opportunity to respond to questions and concerns regarding traffic violations or any other criminal defense matter.

We wish all our site visitors safe and happy holidays.

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