Fighting Against Drunk Driving Charges

The severity of drunk driving charges is something that many people don't realize. They might think that they can plead guilty, spend a few days in jail, and pay some fines. They might not realize that the effects of a drunk driving conviction don't stop there. In fact, a drunk driving conviction can impact your life for many years to come.

If you are convicted of drunk driving, there is a chance that you will have to pay more for your motor vehicle insurance. That increase can continue for years. You might need to get an SR-22, which is a form provided to the licensing authority by the insurance company saying that you have liability insurance. If the policy is canceled, the insurer notifies the licensing authority. Other points also apply to the SR-22, but one that is crucially important is that these insurance policies are more expensive than other policies.

We understand that you might not be prepared to deal with insurance hikes. That is only one of the impacts that you will have to deal with. You might lose your driver's license. That can be especially troubling for people who rely on driving for their employment or to run their own errands.

You might also have to deal with an impact to your reputation and other social consequences. You might have to deal with the drunk driving conviction showing up on your criminal record, which could impact your ability to do many things.

We know that thinking of the possible ways that you can be affected by a drunk driving conviction is difficult. We can't take the effects away, but we can work with you to determine how to fight the charges.

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