Take a Strong Stand Against Kidnapping Charges in Maryland

Kidnapping is a very serious crime that must demands a vigorous defense for the person who is charged with these crimes. When a person is facing a kidnapping charge, they must realize the specific points that come into the picture regarding this charge.

A person who is charged with kidnapping is being charged with taking a person from one location to another against that person's will. Kidnapping can also mean that the person was held against his or her will in a controlled location.

There can be several other points present in a kidnapping case. Extortion, unlawful purpose and the commission of a crime can also be parts of a kidnapping case. All of these points can impact possible defense strategies.

In the case of a federal kidnapping charge, a person faces 20 years or more behind bars. State laws vary when it comes to kidnapping charges. In Maryland, a kidnapping conviction can lead to 30 years in prison. If other charges are present, a longer prison sentence might be possible if a conviction occurs on all charges.

There are also federal and state laws that make it illegal for a parent to kidnap a child. In this case, the parent mustn't have custody of the child to be considered a kidnapping. Federal law provides penalties for abductions, including parental abductions. A federal international kidnapping conviction can lead to three years in prison.

Facing kidnapping charges demands a vigorous defense. In some cases, other charges might occur in conjunction with the kidnapping charges. When this is possible, each charge must be considered so that a defense strategy can be decided upon.

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