Maryland Man Faces Several Charges After Ramming Police Cruiser

When most people hear the term "assault," they think of someone hitting, kicking, or attacking another person. A recent case out of Frederick, Maryland, shows that assault doesn't always constitute any of those those actions. A 24-year-old man is facing multiple charges after failing to stop when a law enforcement officer instructed him to do so and for ramming the officer's cruiser.

The man was found passed out in a pickup truck. When law enforcement officers were alerted to a suspicious person, the dispatcher recognized the vehicle he was in as one that had been involved in a pursuit.

When officers arrived and woke the man up, according to the officers, he looked at them and then drove off. He then allegedly struck an officer's truck and drove into a field. Officers parked alongside the field. They say that the man then drove toward the officers and rammed into a police car. The officer suffered injuries in the encounter, but they were not considered life-threatening.

Police officers eventually arrested the man. They allegedly found packaged synthetic marijuana and what is suspected to be a dangerous controlled substance. He has been charged with reckless driving, second degree assault on a law enforcement officer, first degree assault and other charges.

This man, just like everyone else facing criminal charges, has the right to a defense. If you are facing criminal charges, you should make sure that you understand what crime(s) you are being charged with and the possible consequences.Taking action as quickly as possible to seek legal guidance regarding building a defense is always a wise choice.

Source: WUSA Channel 9, "Man rams into sheriff's cruiser during Md. chase," March. 24, 2015

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