Fighting Criminal Charges for Maryland Vacationers

When a person goes on vacation, the last thing he or she expects to happen is to end up having to face the criminal justice system in the destination location. When things happen while you are on vacation, there is a chance that you will find yourself being arrested and charged with criminal charges.

For some vacationers in coastal Maryland, the lure of the beach is seconded only by the desire to relax with some alcohol. This can lead to charges for a variety charges for violating the nuisance laws in the area. The police officers in this area are keen on keeping the family-friendly portrayal of the resort towns, so they often zealously enforce the nuisance laws.

One thing that vacationers might find interesting is that Ocean City hires seasonal police officers to help deal with influx of summer visitors. These officers are inexperienced and make mistakes that you have to deal with if they occur. Add in the fact that your vacation is only temporary but criminal justice proceedings can take time, and it is easy to see why you need strong representation with an understanding of the unique challenges surrounding your situation.

We know that you don't want to leave the area with a criminal record. We offer fierce representation against a variety of charges for people who chose our area as a vacation destination. We can help you fight charges including indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, DUI, noise violations, and a host of other charges. We have knowledge of programs that can help to keep your record clean, such as pre-trial diversionary programs.

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