DUI Defense and Loss of Driver's License Defense in Maryland

In our blog post last week, we discussed how some people who are convicted of a drunk driving charge end up getting a restricted license that allows them to get to work or school, as well as handling some other activities. For our readers who are facing drunk driving charges, the thought of having those restrictions might seem a bit harsh. Those restrictions, however, are usually viewed as a good alternative to a complete license revocation, which is possible in Maryland if you are convicted of drunk driving. With that in mind, many of our readers might be thinking that they need to just fight to prove their innocence so they don't have to deal with revocations or restrictions. We are here to help those readers.

We know that many people depend on their driving privileges to live. Getting to work, schools, medical appointments and other similar tasks are much easier when you can drive yourself. The same is true for running errands, such as paying bills or going grocery shopping. When you are convicted of a drunk driving charge, your ability to do those things usually comes to a grinding halt.

In Maryland, you have 10 days after you are charged with drunk driving to request a hearing regarding your drivers' license. If you don't make that request in 10 days, your license is suspended. That short time period shows how important it is for our reader to take swift action after being accused of and charged with drunk driving charges. Let us help you aggressively defend your driving privileges in Maryland as we help you fight the drunk driving charge placed against you.

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