Trooper Arrested for Sex Offense and Handgun Charge

People expect that police officers will uphold the law at all times. That isn't always the case. There are some instances in which law enforcement officers are accused of the crimes they have promised to fight against. The recent case involving a Maryland State Police trooper is one example of this.

The MSP trooper has been on the force for 18 years, but that time has seemingly ended with the trooper on an unpaid leave. Early on a Monday morning, a Prince George's County Police Department officer noticed an SUV in a commercial area cul-de-sac. That officer's keen eye led him to a victim standing outside of the SUV near the MSP trooper. The victim warned the officer that the man had a gun. The man informed the officer that he was a trooper with the MSP.

The trooper was off duty at the time of the encounter. Through an investigation, it was determined that the trooper and the victim came to an agreement involving money for sexual acts. In the process, the trooper threatened her by putting his gun to her head and forcing her to do more sexual acts than they had agreed upon. It is important to note that the handgun wasn't his service weapon.

The MSP trooper is now facing a handgun charge and a first-degree sexual offense. He is facing a criminal justice battle with severe penalties.

Violent crimes and sex-related crimes are serious. Anyone facing these types of crimes should work to understand his or her options for a defense and the possible penalties. That paves the way for informed decisions during the case.

Source: ABC 7, "Maryland State Police trooper charged with first degree sex offense," July 06, 2015

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