'Peeping Tom' Charges Placed Against Maryland Bar Owner

Facing criminal charges isn't something that most people ever hope to have to do. When those charges have to do with something that occurs at a business, the business owner might be held liable for the incident. Some of our Maryland readers might be interested in learning about the charges one bar owner is facing because of something found in the bathroom of his bar.

For one Maryland bar owner, facing charges in the criminal justice system is now on the list of things he must do. The man is being accused of secretly taping people using the ladies' restroom at his bar. He allegedly used a digital video camera to capture the footage.

The investigation into this activity began in May. A woman claimed that she was in the Rams Head Tavern when a video camera fell on the floor. The footage in the camera allegedly contained six women in the restroom, according to the detectives working the case. They say that footage also shows a man placing the camera in the bathroom.

The Rams Head Group is calling this an isolated event, but this is the second set of charges filed against the man. Both sets of charges included six counts each of visual surveillance with prurient intent. Those "peeping tom" charges can significantly affect the man's life.

With any criminal charge, the person who is being charged has a right to offer a defense against the charges. The defense has to be an accurate depiction of what happened during the event in question. While that might seem easy enough, how you present your side matters.

Source: My Fox DC, "Md. bar owner accused of taping women faces more charges" Feb. 24, 2015

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