Former Court Commissioner Facing 2 Charges Related to Upskirting

People who hold government positions, especially those who hold positions in the law enforcement or criminal justice sectors, are often held to a high standard. When one of these employees is charged with a criminal act, it is usually taken very seriously. One former court commissioner in Montgomery County, Maryland, has found himself on the wrong side of the bench.

The 31-year-old man is accused of taking a video that was directed up a woman's skirt on Nov. 21. He allegedly did this with his smartphone when he called her into his county jail office to review something on his computer. The woman noticed the phone and what appeared to be a flash when she bent over to look at the computer screen.

Three days after the event, his home was searched and various electronic devices were taken from his home. He was found at his office in the jail and was read his Miranda rights in a conference room.

During questioning, it is alleged that he initially denied the allegations of photographing the victim. He later changed that statement to acknowledge that he took a video but deleted it. He left the office shortly after the allegations against him were made.

The two charges he faces are both misdemeanors. He faces one count of visual surveillance with prurient intent and one count of misconduct in office. Prince George's State's Attorney's Office is handling the case against the former officer of the court.

Anyone who is facing criminal charges, even if they are misdemeanors, should understand his or her options for a defense. This can help all defendants to be active participants in their case.

Source: The Washington Post, "Maryland judicial officer charged in ‘upskirting’ case," Dan Morse, Dec. 17, 2015

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