You Should Consider All the Options for DUI Defense

Being accused of a drunk driving offense is a serious accusation. These accusations come with serious penalties if you are convicted. Think about our post last week. We discussed what it means to be classified as a repeat offender. If you recall, we discussed how you can lose your driver's license if you are classified as a repeat offender.

We know that you want to protect your reputation. It is vital that we start working on your case as soon as you know you are facing drunk driving charges. We can help you to explore your options for handling your case. Once we know the circumstances of your case, we can work toward building a defense for you.

If you aren't classified as a repeat offender, you face a year in jail and a fine of $1,000 if you are convicted of a DUI. If this is your first offense, we can try to seek a probation before judgement for you. This means that you wouldn't get the 12 points on your driver's license that would lead to a revocation.

We understand that you might be worried about how a drunk driving offense might affect your employment. The truth is that it can affect it in considerable ways. If you have a commercial driver's license, you might be subject to a disqualification. Even if we are able to get you a probation before judgement, that won't necessarily stop the disqualification.

No matter what circumstances are involved in your case, we can help you explore your options for a defense. It is vital that we get started as soon as possible.

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