Maryland Man Gets 10 Years for Burglary at Country Clubs

Many Maryland residents may have heard of the Texas teen who received a relatively lenient sentence for drunk driving because of his reported "affluenza." That term is back in the public consciousness, but this time it is being used by prosecutors in a burglary case. Reports show that a 25-year-old man accused of stealing from D.C.-area country clubs has been sentenced to a 10-year prison term after pleading guilty to felony theft charges.

The defendant in this case will also be required to pay $23,000 in restitution in connection with the crimes. However, prosecutors say that amount does not even approach the true value of the items he allegedly stole. The man is accused of stealing some $50,000 in briefcases and jewelry in just one heist, for example. Thus, although the man will be required to spend a significant amount of time in prison, he has avoided being required to repay the full value of the goods he took.

Authorities say that the man, who was from an affluent background himself, was caught on surveillance tape at several country clubs, burglarizing locker rooms and leaving with personal effects of the club members. The man initially blamed his crimes on a drug addiction. Prosecutors argued that he simply wanted more money to pay for his high-end lifestyle.

Criminal defendants who are facing theft charges in Maryland court may have special needs, depending on their individual circumstances. In this case, the man's "affluenza" added a different dimension to his criminal defense, as did his reported drug abuse. No two criminal cases are alike. A Maryland defense attorney may be able to provide essential information to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome for criminal defendants.

Source: NBC Washington, "Lawyers: 25-Year-Old Stole From Country Clubs to Feed "Affluenza" Addiction" Mila Mimica and Erika Gonzalez, May. 02, 2014

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