Maryland Man Faces Charges After Driving into News Station

A recent incident in Maryland has made national headlines because of the circumstances surrounding the event. A 28-year-old man recently went to WMAR-TV and attempted to gain entry into the building. When the security guard refused, the man claimed to be God and continued to rattle the door.

Unsatisfied with the denial of entry, the man then allegedly stole a truck and drove it right into the lobby of the news station. Police received 911 calls shortly after describing a large landscaping truck in the lobby of the building.

After driving the truck into the lobby of the building, he allegedly spent hours watching news feeds of the incident. As all of this was going on, 55 people were evacuated from the building. One employee stayed in the building to let police know what was going on. He says that he was in the basement 3.5 hours letting police know what was going on.

Eventually, he was arrested and charged with a variety of crimes resulting from the accident. Police used a flash bomb, rubber bullets, and a police dog to capture the man, who is described as emotionally disturbed.

The man now has to face three counts of attempted murder, which is his most serious charge. He also faces charges for theft, malicious destruction of property, fourth-degree burglary, third-degree burglary, and first-degree assault. He is being held on a $750,000 bond at the Baltimore County Detention Center.

Individuals who are facing serious charges like this man should make sure they understand their rights as they attempt to present a defense against the violent crimes. Knowing the potential consequenses and exploring any plea deals might help them to get the most favorable outcome possible.

Source:, "Attempted murder charges in Maryland TV station crash" No author given, May. 14, 2014

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