Man Accused of Shooting Officer Had History of Violent Crime

A 34-year-old Maryland man is accused of shooting an off-duty police officer at a vehicle repair garage. The defendant is being held without bail after investigators reportedly found the gun that was used in the attack. That man is accused of shooting through the doors of the officer's Toyota Tundra, leaving the victim in serious medical condition. The man is the first city police officer in Baltimore to be shot in more than three years. The defendant has been proclaiming his innocence after being taken into custody for the alleged gun crime.

The defendant was named the department's "Public Enemy No. 1" after allegations of the violent crime surfaced. As a result, six search warrants were issued for his arrest. Officers were able to track down the home address of the defendant's sister, who reportedly owned a vehicle that was seen fleeing the scene. At that home, investigators said they found evidence that supports the shooting, along with large quantities of marijuana.

Sadly, this is not the defendant's first time facing difficulty with the law; he had previously pleaded guilty to a 2003 murder, and he was released in January 2013 after spending 10 years behind bars for a 15-year prison sentence. Apparently, the man has been employed by Sears since his release. He also is father to two twin girls, age 12.

The defendant in this case could face serious penalties since he has such a significant criminal record. Maryland defendants who have been convicted of past violent crimes may benefit from the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. These professionals may provide additional advice about the impact of that criminal record on current proceedings.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, "Officer saw suspicious person at garage before attack, documents say" Justin George and Ian Duncan, Mar. 18, 2014

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