Woman Pleads Guilty to Murder That Was Part of Armed Robbery

There are some instances in which someone who committed a crime might decide that they don't want to fight against the charges placed against them. In this case, there is a chance that their willingness to admit to their problem might help them in the legal system.

Recently, a woman decided to waive her right to a jury trial and plead guilty to second-degree murder. The charge came in connection with a shooting that happened when things went wrong during an armed robbery.

The woman and her accomplices were going to rob the man for four oxycodone pills. The man tried to drive off when the woman and another person tried to rob him. One of the other people charged with the crime is said to have fired a gun into the moving vehicle. The man suffered from multiple gunshot wounds and died the following day at University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

The woman who recently pleaded guilty to the murder charge will be sentenced on Dec. 4 for that charge. The others in the case have opted to go to trial instead of pleading guilty to the charges. The soonest trial for one of those is on July 21. The other two are set for Aug. 4 and Nov. 12.

While the woman who just pleaded guilty did have the right to go to trial just like the others who are facing charges for this incident, she opted to own up to her part. She likely thought long and hard about how a guilty plea would affect her, but she ultimately decided to get this part of the case over with.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, "Highland woman pleads to murder in drug deal shooting" Luke Lavoie, Jun. 11, 2014

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