Police in Maryland Asking for Information About Shooting

The police in Maryland have put out a public request for any information that may help them determine who was responsible for a shooting that took place near the beginning of the month. They have asked that anyone who knows anything about it get in touch with them as soon as they can, as they have not reported having a suspect in custody yet.

The shooting happened on July 1. A man from Cecil County was reportedly shot twice in the event. He is 23 years old. According to police, they went to the residence where the man lived, and he had already been shot; he was just sitting out on the porch in front of the building. He was then taken to the hospital for treatment.

One interesting turn of events is that the Maryland State Police have made an arrest that is connected to the case, though it is unclear at this time if the man was the shooter. The man's brother, who is 21 years old, was picked up on drug charges that relate to the creation and possession of illegal marijuana. He could also be looking at charges for drug trafficking.

On top of that, the police found three different firearms, all handguns, while they were carrying out their investigation. The young man could face weapon's charges for those firearms. Again, the investigation is ongoing, and there have been no charges filed against the brother for the shooting itself.

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Source: WUSA 9, "Md. police continue investigating Cecil County shooting", July 3, 2014

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