Police Chief in Maryland Arrested on Suspected DUI

A Saturday night stop on a highway in Maryland has led to an arrest for driving while under the influence of alcohol. What made the arrest so notable was the fact that the man who was arrested was actually the police chief from Fruitport. An officer from the Somerset County Sheriff's Office is the one who carried out the arrest.

According to reports, the man was pulled over at 10:25 in the evening. This happened on Route 13.

The police chief asked to be put on leave following the arrest, and the department decided to go along with his request. He will remain on leave for the duration of the case until everything has been properly resolved. He will also be paid even while he is on leave.

A statement that was released by the attorney who is representing the man said that he was not wearing his uniform or his sidearm when he was pulled over, and he was not on duty. He was also not driving his police cruiser but was using a car that he owned.

The attorney also noted that putting the chief on paid leave for the time being is not something that is exclusive to him but is simply the way that the department would handle the situation for any of its officers.

The chief himself did not make any comment on the charges. His attorney said that this is because the trial, which has not yet been scheduled, is still pending.

Anyone who is arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence has a right to explore his or her legal options before the case goes to court. They also have a right to a fair trial.

Source: WBOC 16, "Fruitland Police Chief Arrested for DUI," June 30, 2014.

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