Man Mounts Criminal Defense Against Human Trafficking Charges

A Baltimore man is facing serious charges related to the sexual exploitation of a teenager. The man, age 32, must mount a criminal defense against allegations of child pornography, prostitution and identity theft in connection with the incident. Authorities say that the man purchased sex from the 16-year-old girl and engaged in human trafficking by offering her for sex. The man is facing a life sentence for production of child pornography. The charge of transportation with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity also carries a potential life sentence. Other charges could bring decades in prison for the defendant.

Official reports show that the pair met up in late October 2011, when the man paid for the girl to take a bus to visit him at a rented condominium in Florida. The man is accused of having sex with the girl after providing her with illegal drugs and alcohol. Then, from December 2011 to January 2012, the man placed online ads on behalf of the girl. Those ads solicited clients for "escorts" on an adult Web site. The man is accused of taking the provocative pictures of the girl used in the ads.

Clients were taken to another condo the man rented, where the girl had sex with others for money. She reportedly paid the man a percentage of the haul. Later in January 2012, the man paid for the girl to travel back to Maryland before procuring false identification documents for her. He then allegedly repeated the process in Maryland, taking pornographic photos of the girl in his home.

Every criminal defendant - even those accused of human trafficking - deserves a fair and unbiased criminal trial. Those who are facing criminal charges for alleged sex offenses may benefit from the services of a qualified Maryland attorney, who may be able to provide an effective criminal defense against such allegations.

Source: CBS Baltimore, "Baltimore Man Indicted For Sexual Exploitation Of 16-Year-Old Girl" No author given, Jan. 31, 2014

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