Drug Trafficking and Distribution Charges

Drug charges have been prosecuted more aggressively in recent years, and this may be most apparent when dealing with charges of distributing, importing or trafficking illegal substances. These charges differ from simple possession charges because they are often the result of months of police investigation and can also involve several different agencies, including those at the federal level.

When defending against drug distribution or trafficking charges, both the investigative methods used by authorities and what happened to the evidence after the arrest are of critical importance. In some cases, the law enforcement agencies involved may have used wiretaps or other electronic surveillance methods to monitor suspected criminal activity. However, this can also mean that innocent people are drawn in to the drug investigation, as anyone communicating with the person of interest will then be subject to scrutiny.

Even when they suspect someone may be involved in criminal activity, officers cannot violate the rights of the defendant at any point during the investigation, execution of a search warrant or arrest. United States citizens have rights that protect them from illegal search and seizure, and those who believe those rights have been infringed upon should talk to a Maryland criminal defense attorney to learn more.

The category of drug crimes encompasses a wide range of charges from misdemeanors to felonies. Fully understanding the charges against you and all the options for defense is key to going into any type of criminal court process informed and prepared. Every case is unique, and discussing your situation as soon as possible with someone knowledgeable about Maryland's laws is the first step.

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