Man Accused of Marijuana Possession After Pot Found in Underwear

A 26-year-old Maryland man is facing drug charges after officers reportedly found controlled substances in his underwear on two separate occasions. That man is accused of marijuana possession after officers discovered bags of the drug that were stored in his underwear. In one case, the drug had reportedly been sewn into his underpants. The two incidents occurred within the span of a single week.

The defendant in this case was arrested on March 28 because he was reportedly trespassing at the Country Hills Apartments in Forestville. The property owner had previously made a trespassing complaint against the man. Authorities located the man at a nearby retail establishment. He was taken to the police station, where a strip-search revealed that the man had several bags of marijuana hidden in his underwear. The man was accused of drug possession after those bags -- and another in his pants pocket -- were identified by authorities.

The man had previously been accused of drug possession on March 24, when he became involved in an altercation during a routine traffic stop. Authorities say that the man had been riding in a vehicle that was pulled over because its registration was invalid. Identification scans showed that the man had an outstanding warrant. He was transported to a local medical facility for evaluation, and officers found several bags of pot sewn into his underwear at that time.

Officials report that the man remains in custody after failing to post a $35,000 bail. Defendants who are facing drug charges because of multiple drug possession incidents may have special needs in criminal court. These defendants deserve to have their rights protected by a Maryland criminal defense attorney. A lawyer may serve as a critical ally during a criminal defense proceeding for drug possession.

Source: The Frederick News-Post, "Drugs found in man's underwear twice in one week" Cara R. Anthony, Apr. 01, 2014

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