Man Accused of Domestic Violence, Arson in 'Horrific' Blaze

A Baltimore man is facing 50 criminal counts in connection with a recent domestic violence incident at a Maryland home. The man, age 26, will mount a criminal defense against allegations that he beat his girlfriend and then lit her house on fire. He allegedly beat the woman with a baseball bat and ignited the house while 10 people were inside the dwelling. Three people were reportedly injured in the encounter.

The incident occurred on Dec. 16, when officers responded to a domestic assault call initiated by the man's partner. She said she was struck with a baseball bat before the man ran away. Then, two hours later, firefighters responded to a call at the same address. They arrived to find the woman's first-floor apartment home engulfed in flames, with the second floor already beginning to smolder. Emergency responders and bystanders rescued several people from the second floor. Seven people had been in the downstairs apartment, including three very young children.

Reports from the scene show that the man was seen fleeing the premises with a bucket. He is accused of using flammable material to light the woman's house on fire. Authorities report that the defendant has a history of domestic violence allegations. The man was convicted of failing to comply with a legal directive that prevented him from contacting one alleged victim, whom he allegedly punched in the face and bullied online. He also has a criminal record that includes armed robbery.

Even though the defendant in this case has a history of violent crime and domestic assault, he is not guilty only because he was arrested and charged. All criminal defendants in the U.S. are considered innocent until their guilt is proven through a trial or plea agreement. The man's criminal history could play a role in sentencing for such a case, a situation that highlights his need for a competent criminal defense attorney. These professionals can protect defendants' rights, helping them maximize the outcome of their criminal trials in Maryland.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, "Man accused of beating girlfriend, setting fire to home" Justin George, Dec. 17, 2013

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